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Blazor is a new framework currently being developed by Microsoft. It is part of ASP.NET Core and allows you to create modern SPA and MPA web applications in C#. It is also possible to create an application that includes some [...]
What is Blazor C#? Advantages of Blazor
Recently, I have received several messages from blog readers asking about what object-oriented programming is. They want to become programmers, they already know the basics of programming, but they write that it is difficult [...]
Object-Oriented Programming in C# - The Most Important Principles You Need to Know If You Want to Become a Developer
It's time for another, this time the 4th pillar of object-oriented programming. In the previous articles on the basics of object-oriented programming, you learned what inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction are. Today I will try [...]
What is Encapsulation in Object Oriented Programming?
In the previous 2 articles on inheritance and polymorphism, I tried to present you the basics of object-oriented programming, I told you that the topic of polymorphism will be further developed, because in the abstract we also deal [...]
What is Abstraction in Object Oriented Programming?
Today it's time for another very important topic in object-oriented programming that every person who wants to become a junior .NET developer must understand. From the article you will learn what polymorphism is in [...]
What is Polymorphism in Object Oriented Programming?
Since I have recently had a lot of inquiries about topics for beginner programmers, I decided to discuss issues that every person who wants to become a .NET programmer must know. First, let me talk about what inheritance is in [...]
What is Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming?
Today I will discuss a very important topic, without knowing which, you will not learn how to write good unit tests. As you have read in previous articles, unit tests should not touch external resources. So how to test the logic in [...]
How to Get Rid of External Dependencies in Unit Tests? Introduction to Mocking Data in C#
From my previous articles, you already know that automatic tests can be divided into, among others, unit tests and integration tests. I have already introduced you to unit tests in recent articles (if you haven't read them yet, be sure [...]
We Test Database Operations - Introduction to Integration Testing in .NET
Test Driven Development, abbreviated as TDD, i.e. test-driven software development. That is, as if the tests drive our code that we will write. I think TDD has been heard by every programmer, but few of them have ever tried to write [...]
Test Driven Development: Benefits of Using TDD on an Example in .NET
I'm often asked whether you should write unit tests for private or protected methods. Or how to test private methods in C#. Today I will try to briefly answer these questions. To make it easier for you to understand this problem, I [...]
Whether to Unit Test Private Methods - Examples in C#

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